Global Organikaj produces and exports Premium and Ultra Premium liquors whose origin dates back to the ancient art of distillation in pre-Hispanic Mexico. We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship with which the authenticity of our products is created and nurtured; and, at the same time, our creative and adventurous approach, which has favorably positioned our brands within the fast-paced spirits market.

We design an efficient, agile business model that responds to market requirements, aligned with our
mission and vision; focused on giving our clients Premium and Elite quality products destined to generate an approach to the beauty of the intangible within our traditions and to the extraordinary people that surround them. Therefore, with the help of a wide network of partners and commercial allies, we share with the world part of our ancestral philosophy and history through the
GlobalOrganika company brands

Our operating model is based on efficiency, agility and responsibility in search of a global vision. We pay special attention to the relationship that unites distributors and end consumers with the company's brands and we strive to meet consumer demands, thus creating a professional and world-class company that represents and supports our commercial representatives.

The marketing model is aimed at establishing a strong and positive relationship between our global partners; In this way, we can meet the needs and demands of local consumers in order to familiarize them with brands, adapt to each market; and, at the same time, maintain the essence within the concept "denomination of origin", as well as the culture and vision of the company.


    Offer our clients a wide variety of top quality products, one hundred percent Mexican, meticulously elaborated under strict production processes, with the commitment to listen carefully to their demands, allowing us to be a key and influential piece in the international market of alcoholic beverages.

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    Global Organikaj seeks to consolidate itself as a benchmark in the world market for alcoholic beverages, with the clear objective of highlighting the unique aspects of the essence of culture in Mexico and disseminating the cultural manifestations of tequila and mezcal so that others lost as a legacy for the world.



    Our liquors are born in the heart of Mexico under the care of artisan hands with the commitment to create products of the highest quality within a sustainable and socially responsible environment. We carry out processes with the highest quality standards, without sacrificing the subtle and ancient art of distilling required for the preparation of our spirits, preserving their unique characteristics that make our productions unique events.



    The marketing strategy focuses on using the authenticity of our products in order to connect organically with recent and returning consumers, we are aware of our obligation to market responsibly and to facilitate informed decision making for customers.



    Aspiramos a que la sociedad considere el consumo del alcohol como una actividad social positiva,placentera y que enriquece la cultura y las experiencias sensoriales. Detener el tiempo un segundo y poder sentir la alineación del conocimiento ancestral con el presente, con el fin de crear una explosión de sabor embotellado de la mano de uno de los licores más finos.