Global Organikaj produces and exports Premium and Ultra Premium liquors whose origin dates back to the ancient art of distillation in pre-Hispanic Mexico.

We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship with which the authenticity of our products is created and nurtured; and, at the same time, our creative and adventurous approach, which has favorably positioned our brands in the fast-paced spirits market.

Our operating model is based on efficiency, agility and responsibility in search of a global vision. We pay special attention to the relationship that unites distributors and end consumers with the company's brands and we strive to meet consumer demands, thus creating a professional and world-class company that represents and supports our commercial representatives.


    Offer our clients a wide variety of top quality products, one hundred percent Mexican, meticulously elaborated under strict production processes, with the commitment to listen carefully to their demands, allowing us to be a key and influential piece in the international market for alcoholic beverages.


    Global Organikaj seeks to consolidate itself as a benchmark in the world market for alcoholic beverages, with the clear objective of highlighting the unique aspects of the essence of culture in Mexico and spreading the cultural manifestations of tequila and mezcal so that they last as a legacy for the world.

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